Travel back in time on a journey through the Berber Villages of the Ante Atlas mountains.  The way of life  here has changed little for hundreds of years.  This area is off the beaten track, a region where few outsiders venture.  Yet  it is still  relatively accessible , even by 4 x4 we can visit the villages in the valleys and on the lower slopes.  We can explore picturesque fruit orchards of fig and apricot trees, almonds and olives. Here there are  villages where the olive oil is still pressed by huge stones, donkeys are the main transportation and the fields are the hub of village social life.

But for the ultimate Berber village adventure we must climb higher into the mountains and trek to the most remote settlements.  Many communities still move between two villages on a seasonal migration between the valleys and the upper terraces. While we trek mules or donkeys carry everything we need for our self sufficient camp. We pride ourselves on small groups – no more than 10 to ensure an intimate experience.  All itineraries can be tailored according to the interests and ambition of the group.  For comfortable  trekking  we recommend  spring or late summer, September and October as ideal times to explore  and experience  this  scenic and fascinating area. 

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